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Choosing the right vehicle and finding the right financial package has been made easier with Volvo Car Financial Services. As you would expect, we have a flexible range of financial products, tailored to make your life easier.

Whether you are a private purchaser or you are choosing a Volvo for business, we have a wide range of flexible finance and lease products. After all, the right car needs the right financial package to complement your lifestyle.

The Finance Team

Performance Automobiles' Business Manager is on hand to discuss and create a finance plan to suit your personal or business needs and circumstances. Our team are licensed suppliers for competitive finance and insurance.

Unlike many other finance companies, Performance Automobiles' Business Managers concentrate purely on automotive financing. They are therefore able to offer a wide range of innovative and competitive finance solutions to suit your car and financial needs.


We can also assist you with your car insurance, offering professional advice and competitive rates.

Please use the form below for any enquiries you may have about our finance/insurance or the conditions that apply, or you can simply call the Business Manager at Corner of Argyle and Burnett Streets on 03 6111 0890

Finance Benefits

  • Benefits of Performance Automobiles
  • Convenient one-stop shop with on site finance managers
  • Expert tailored finance package to suit your budget
  • Convenience of combined expense borrowing on the loan, such as registration, on road costs, insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance
  • Fixed loan structures with only the vehicle acting as security

Finance Options

  • Consumer Loans: This is the most common type of structure for private buyers which is flexible, offering loan terms from 24 months to 84 months with or without deposits to suit your budget. (100% finance available.)
  • Corporate Hire Purchase (CHP): The most common option for financing a vehicle used for business purposes and GST registered individuals. Terms from 24 months to 84 months with balloon payments available.
  • Chattel Mortgage: A finance option that is similar to a CHP with your business in mind with the benefits of claiming your GST component of the motor vehicle upfront.

Finance Leasing

  • Leasing and Novated Leases: Where an individual or business leases a vehicle opting not to own it. A novated lease is a three way agreement between you, your employer and the finance company. Your employer makes the repayments on your behalf out of your gross income (before PAYE tax) saving you in tax and also as your employer is GST registered you will save on the GST component of the vehicle by them passing this saving onto you.

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